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Tuesday, June 29, 2004

Election results: Freedom of the Vote

Well the election is over and the Liberals are not in total control anymore. Thankfully we are able to vote. I was thinking and discussing with my family that the voting system in Canada is not as good as it could be. Here's why: each riding only gets one winner. Therefore, parties get more seats than what if represented by the populus.

Here are the results: Liberals=135, Cons.=97, BQ=54, NDP=21, Other=1; Lib=38%, Cons=29%, Green Party=5%. I can't remember the others but I think BQ was around 15%. Total=308 seats.

Going by these percentages, the Lib should've only gotten 117 seats, the Cons 89, the Green 15, and the BQ 46. If we were to get a new system where people vote for the party and all the results are tallied at the end, we would have a more representative gov't. But instead, we have the people voting for the party they want and since the votes in each riding were not powerful enough, the party or person didn't get in.

Say we want a certain person in Parliament. If his riding doesn't win, he doesn't go and the people are not represented the way they want. If we had the percentages voting, those 15 Green seats would be there to protect the interests of their voters. The Libs would be considerably less and their control would not be as strong.

Another thing with this voting: the Quebec people may have a hard time (as seen by last night) picking which party will best suit there interests. Both the BQ and the Lib are based in Quebec, in the same city. So what this means is, both parties are pro-Quebec and give money to it because that is their home province. Somebody should write to their MP and get these voting methods changed.


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